Rating: MA15+
Multiplayer: N/A
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac OX S
Publishers: 2K Games
Developers: Gearbox Software
Sequels/Prequels: Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem II, Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Addition
Casual to Hardcore Scale: 8.5/10
Release Date: June 10th 2011
Game Type: First Person Shooter.




As far as I can tell, this game has no real story apart from the fact that Aliens are invading the Earth and you, playing as Duke Nukem, must save the world. Basically Duke Nukem is a hero to the people on Earth for saving the world from Aliens 12 years before the current alien attack, so it’s his job to defeat the invading army of aliens and save the world once again. Duke Nukem Forever is an action first person shooter filled with puzzles and problem solving.

The game lacked any story or dialogue in general. I established what story there is to be tasteless, dull and weak. Duke Nukem Forever failed in all areas of plot and storyline. Bearing in mind the creators had over 10 years to complete this game it would appear as though they have done an awful job.

Story Score: 3.5/10


Controls in Duke Nukem Forever were mostly ridiculous, for one instance, the aiming was difficult because the aiming crosshair moved too roughly, the controls used while operating vehicles were substandard and when playing mini-games controls were frustrating and took away too much from the feel of the game. When pressing the zoom button there would be minor aiming assist which can be turned on and off in the options menu. The shooting and aiming controls were the buttons used in most shooters.

Controls Score: 4/10


The first thing that I noticed while playing Duke Nukem Forever was the excessively long loading times, and after playing the game for a while I realised that to complete this game it would take a stubborn mind. The game is full of dull gameplay, annoying one-liners and chauvinistic humour. Enemies are uninteresting and frequently frustrating as they each had their own irritating abilities, for example, the Octabrain can catch explosives and send them back at you causing immediate death. (What the hell?). The game has a very small variety of weapons, and many things that are meant to be fun and challenging are actually tiresome and frustrating. When fighting bosses, they usually have no real pattern and are only affected by explosives and turrets, although most bosses were too easy, I still found fighting bosses to be mind-numbing instead of fun and interesting like it should be. Most of the game included puzzles and problems that needed to be figured out from scratch which sometimes became annoying.

The game did include some good things, you can interact with some objects which increase your maximum “Ego” which counts as the health of Duke’s shields, and a lot of the time playing Duke Nukem Forever is spent as Mini-Duke, shrunk by a mysterious alien pad, Duke has to fight and solve puzzles whilst in this form, this turned out to be interesting. Most of the combat is boring, but some of the time can be action packed and thrilling.

Duke Nukem Forever had its few moments, but in the end it was an awful game, and is doubtlessly a massive fail on Gearbox Software’s behalf. They had over ten years to give us this game, and this is what they give us? Appalling.

Game Feel Score: 4/10


The game included repetitive music and annoying one-liners continuously spoken by Duke almost every time you complete an action. Sometimes when playing the game, in dark places you need to use “Duke Vision” a type of glasses used by Duke to see in the dark, and not only does the visuals while using the Duke Vision look appalling, but it emits a high-pitched ringing sound that hurt my ears. For a game that had 10 years of graphical design it was horrible, but the graphical standard was just about standard in comparison to your everyday game.

Audio/Visual Score: 4.7


Story: 3.5/10
Controls: 4/10
Game Feel: 4/10
Audio/Visual: 4.7/10

OVERALL: 4.0/10

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