Rating: MA15+
Multiplayer: N/A
Platforms: XBOX 360, PC, PS3
Publishers: Bethesda Softworks
Creators: Obsidian Entertainment
Sequels/Prequels: Wasteland, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout: New Vegas
Casual to Hardcore Scale: 8/10
Release Date:
Game type: Role Playing Game, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter.



Fallout 3 is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland in the capital of America. You play as a stray Vault-Dweller. To set the story of Fallout games straight, before the Nuclear War, people moved into underground Vaults, when the war had passed, the Vault-Dwellers opened their doors and the people set out to start civilisation in the post-apocalyptic wastes. Except, Vault 101. You are from this Vault. You lived there with you father, and grew up there until you were an adult. Then your father mysteriously left the Vault and you followed. You go in search of your father, once you find him, you learn of a project to purify all the water in the capital city, to try and once again, civilise the capital. After that, the story complicates.

Story Score: 9/10


Controller layout is quite simple to use with buttons performing what you would expect with no nasty surprises. Using dual analogue sticks for movement and aiming as with many first person shooters. Fallout sets itself with the use of V.A.T.S. (Vault Assisted Targeting System) which is a Godsend for people new to first person shooters, allowing the player to stop the battle and chose which body part to fire at.
While you are wandering the wide expanses of the Capital Wasteland you will need to heal yourself, change weapons, change clothing, fast travel, have a snack or simply check a map all of which can easily done through the use of your Pip-boy 3000, a very useful tool which is attached to your wrist simply checked by pressing a single button.

Controls Score: 9


Fallout 3 provides one of the best video game worlds ever created. The map of the Capital Wasteland is vast and expansive. There are over 150 locations to discover and over 370 weapons to acquire. There are many quests to complete, and over one hundred buildings to explore. Fallout 3 is a level up game. As you fight enemies you receive experience points, and once you level up, you can choose perks, and improve your skills. Skills range from your lock pick skill to your skill with using different sized weapons. Perks can be simple from having a mysterious stranger randomly show up and help you fight, to eating a dead guy’s body… At the start of the game you choose the level of your base traits, Strength, Intelligence, Luck and such and they determine from how much you can carry around and how high your skills are.
The game feel in Fallout 3 was amazing, the world Obsidian have created left me in utter awe, I was impressed at the characters and places they incorporated into Fallout 3, I think that Obsidian couldn’t have done better.

Game Feel Score: 10/10


There were only a few problems with this game that I had, often while playing, I would get stuck where I was and immobilised and unable to move forcing me to reload my last save, which could have been a very long time ago and a lot of hard work wasted. Another problem was occasionally when a character was supposed to be talking the audio wouldn’t be there. Apart from these problems, Fallout 3 had great graphics, a brilliant perspective of the Capital Wasteland, and an overall I was thoroughly impressed.

Visual/Audio Score: 9/10


Fawkes is a super awesome, talking Super Mutant, he uses a government Gatling Laser, and is greatly destructive, he is an available companion on your quest.


Story Score: 9/10
Controls Score: 9/10
Game Feel Score: 10/10
Visual Audio Score: 9/10


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